jeudi 31 janvier 2013

Thank you America :)

Today I'm crazy, I'll speak in english :p

That's for YOU, yes you american guys, who come on my blog even you don't post comments :) I see you on my statistics, that's funny :)
So. There is an other reason why I said "thank you". I say thank you to the genious Michael and Bryan (family names are too complexe ;p), who create the awesome Avatar serie !!! :D
I love Aang, and Zuko, and uncle Iroh, Katara and Sokka, oh, and Toph... In fact I love them all ! <3

And you, who is your favorite character?

So, I did that draw a few weeks ago cause I love Aang with his fire nation clothes :3
Aquarelle, again ! How do you find it?

clic clic to enlarge :)

2 commentaires:

  1. LaPasseuseDesMondes5 février 2013 à 07:04

    So, you know how to speak english?!
    Didn't know ! ^^
    Today it's snowing here... Yeah I know, I won't comment your beautiful drawing, wich is admirably executed.
    Kisses !

    1. it's snowing a lot here too !! Big big snowflakes, we even heard a thunderbolt ! Yeah :)
      Beautiful winter <3

      Love you !